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‘There’s Billions in This World, But I Always Come Back to You’

Beautifully, mystically twisted into a harmonious gesture, Jojo brings us this track from her newest mix tape, Agape. Vocally, she is flawless, but more so, her lyrics mean something that will stick with her fans. And that is something most artists today cannot proudly claim. She has been running along a hard road these past few years. … Continue reading


Back on the scene again after originally strutting into our earbuds with “212” ft. Lazy Jay, Azealia Banks is here to reign again. Her upcoming album will be here on April 16, 2013.  Pitchfork labeled her work perfectly, in their 2011 article which stated, “The more you dig into the song [212], the more you … Continue reading

-Carly Rose-

There’s something about this cover of Monsters and Men’s track, “Little Talks,” that completely tugs at my heart and stays there throughout the day. I have been listening to it over and over again after clicking around vivaciously on Youtube last night. This girl is currently on X Factor and is thirteen. Can we repeat … Continue reading


 Either I am a self-proclaimed, non-talented Googler, or Nikki Williams’s management team is the non-aggressive type. I am hoping for the first to be true for Williams’s sake after hearing some of her breathy, catchy, and very profitable work. I hope to introduce as many people as possible to this little piece of brilliance. It’s … Continue reading