Come Together (Version 2013)

Who is THIS?!

I was picturing a struggling indie band nestled in the back alleys of a gas-leaking, bug-invested apartment somewhere in the depths of a bustling city.

I was wrong.

Brandon Boyd can take full credit for stumping me because he has proceeded to amp up his guitar once again as well as his solo career. You’ve most likely heard him on your radio waves at one point when Incubus was rocking hard with a track that reached the top of Billboard’s rock charts in 2001, “Drive”.

The simplicity of the instrumentals and lack of auto-tune which highlighted Boyd’s smooth vocals drew my attention to this record. The summer atmosphere that imploded in my living room after beginning the track made me want to go to the beach. It made me want to blare this so the aesthetic of the track could match the landscape of my world that was being produced as the song played on. There’s no wanna be Bob Marley or overly pop, synthetic vibes pushing against my eardrums causing a nausea so heavy inside of my stomach that I need to expel last night’s dinner, but instead an ease that is produced by the calming effect coming from the lyrics. His honesty written in every corner on the lyric page of this track exudes and marvels me.

“I wait around with you for worse or better/but are house and days are few/ it’s now or never/the writing’s on the wall/ if I can’t walk, i’ll crawl/you rise above them all/we come together”

Pick up a copy of Sons of the Sea ‘Compass’ EP. You will not be sorry.


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