A New Kind of Provocative

On March 8, 2013, Lorde released her EP, ‘The Love Club.’ For whatever reason, I am just now finding out about her. Where is she on the American Billboard Charts?! There could be arguments that she is not a ‘hit maker’ by U.S. standards, but I beg to differ. She does not have a distinct radio ready set of singles like, say, Katy Perry does. What Lorde does possess is a wisdom beyond her years that exudes out of her music and into your ears as soon as you press ‘play’. Her sultry voice carries you through a series of ravaging emotions, she hints at ‘Queen B,’ and uses electronic music to her advantage, as it is perfectly fitted into her vocal harmonies. She was sixteen years old when she recorded her EP, mind you.

With girls thrown into the music industry, taking their clothes off at the prompting of producers and managers, Lourde proves that class is real and more so, provocative in its own right. She is not provocative in the sense that most U.S. Pop Princesses are; she opts to let the music speak for itself rather than tabloids.

I invite you to explore the links provided below. This girl is a massive talent that hopefully will rise in popularity in the U.S.



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