Are The 90’s Back??

Between Icona Pop, boy bands uniting once again, and Zedd’s new hit, ‘Clarity,’ I’ve been hearing more and more aspects of the 90’s blaring through my radio. And I like it. I want more of it. Mariah Carey, the woman who I think of as THE quintessential 90’s is back as well, but she seems to have lost her touch on “Beautiful.” Long gone are the days of “Emotions” where her vocals could reach places that seemed near impossible. It’s a nice song for the radio and Miguel is quite the talent, but she is not having the same effect on me…I don’t get shivers down my spine anymore like I did back in the day.

Here is a new artist that resonates with the likes of the nineties pop era, but with a different spin. I can’t yet identify what exactly has morphed between then and now, but the lyrics are similar, which is what attracts me to simple, catchy records like Alexx’s, “I Hate My Favorite Song.” It gets stuck in your head, but it easily is relatable to millions out there. She also reminds me A LOT of Avril Lavigne, with her smooth, low vocals and bass guitars blaring in the background. There’s not a focus of electro-pop and heavy synths, which I appreciate very much. Some days, I feel so old (which I am not) when my head starts throbbing and I reach for the Advil bottle. I’ve tried to get into the new stuff out on the radio. I really, truly have! No matter what, a headache always ensues. Even with Justin Timberlake’s new hit, “Mirrors,” which is beautifully written and captivating, I tend to not listen all the way through the record because it’s so repetitive with its beats, which are not instrumentally focused.

I am proud to hear music like this back on America’s radar. Yes, it is very bubble gum pop and yes, it really can get annoying if you have not recently been through a break up or have any sort of anger brewing inside, but I would rather have something like this on the radio than Miley Cyrus’s new drug infested song.

So here’s to better, more productive lyrics, and of course, to the nostalgia of songs with legitimate vocals and instruments…


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