She’s not your typical singer-songwriter. Yes, she can create her own music and tour relentlessly to promote her own work, but what she has mastered that many other singer-songwriters have not: how to bare one’s soul in a way that genuinely draws in audiences. VH1’s review of her previous show in NYC in April 2013 praised her ability to draw in crowds, “the multi-platinum New Zealand star commanded an audience unfamiliar with her music other than a few “James Bond Skyfall” TV spots. Gin transformed that curiosity into a sustained fever pitch of screaming ”I love yous.”

This artist can genuinely pull ANY emotion out of someone’s body and into the air surrounding her acoustic guitar instantly. You might be pondering how such a girl with such a bewildering, magical voice has even caught the attention of VH1 in the first place. Well, press play to her track ‘Halleljulah,’ an original ode to her father, which won her the first prize in the International Songwriting Competition in 2004.

In other words, Wigmore beat out 11,000 songwriters across 77 countries. The song was also featured on “One Tree Hill.” Furthermore, the song was written in the grips of some of her seemingly most painful moments, as it was later revealed that this song was birthed after her father’s passing. You can actually hear her pain and that’s what makes her work so relatable and raw. Rarely, is there music in the mainstream media that justifies the actual feelings that humans go through on such an intense level.

It’s worth listening to as long as there is a box of tissues around. It can magnify whatever grief you might be experiencing, and somehow can also  soothe that sorrow.

Well, that was in 2004, and fast forward seven years, her 2011 album, entitled, ”Gravel & Wine” makes it clear that her honesty has prevailed. She’s currently paving her way with a rapid pace, so join the Wigmore fiesta. She’s already blasted her music throughout New Zealand, but she’s about to take America by a storm. She’s currently being featured as VH1’s You Outta Know artist of the month and just last year performed on tour with American Idol’s Phillip Phillips. If you want to hear her ridiculous but yet heartwarming vocals, head over to http://www.ginwigmore.com/tour/. You will thank me later, promise.


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