Butch Walker, You’re A Genius

I am not a technology fan. It can take away from the music; the emotion, the art, and the connection between the artist and the fans. It has taken away from why we fell in love with music the first place. Vocals have been replaced by synthesized tones. Guitar and violin strings have been replaced by keyboard-electric nonsense. Sure, it is great material to workout to or put on a playlist you’re hosting a party, but where is the sense of personal connection and emotion? Butch Walker is a man with six studio albums and a man with essence and purity that exudes through his music. I honestly have not heard of him except in P!nk songs, where she credits him with great enthusiasm and joy, but if you listen to “Pretty Melody,” a track off of his latest album, you might be reincarnated to a time where real melodies were comprised of flowing vocals that were naturally in tune. The sweet notion of drums, piano keys, and guitar strings are all put together to make one heck of a song. I was certainly swept away. You’ll be winding and waltzing around with Walker in no time after a listen to a song like, “Pretty Melody” because you feel as if he is present, right in front of you, staring into your eyes in the middle of your living room, instead of feeling like you’re in a crowded room with no room to process and breathe through the track. 

Here, Walker addresses exactly what I believe in. On a day declared to promote pot, he perfects his words to say the most beautiful things in a time of warped speed and followers. Read on. Become a leader, and screw the over synthesized tunes. And maybe you’ll find yourself swaying to his music like I am right now, sipping tea or whatever you like, and enjoying the moment for exactly what it is; one moment of your life that can be whatever you wish. 



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