You Outta Know: A Transformation

She’s a Janis Joplin mixed with Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, and frankly, she’s what we’ve been asking for; REAL music. It’s about time, people, that we can hear the real vibrations beaming from a recording studio that syncs in time with raw vocals.

She is a woman of authenticity who displays her grief and love affairs over the  millions of radio stations across the globe. In the mid-nineties she sparked a lyrical revolution with her highly acclaimed, ‘You Outta Know.’ (Note to those going through any sort of heartbreak, turn up the volume on this one.) She was known only in Canada during her adolescence, but after taking the plunge to move to L.A. and  getting rejected by a multitude of labels, Ms. Alanis Morissette got signed by Madonna’s label, Maverick Records. Lucky move.

Morissette has noted in an interview that this song is about her infant son as well as her need to nurture her inner self. Being the intelligent woman that she is, in her interview, she explained that after giving birth, she realized that she has always been a caregiver, but now that she was forever responsible for her son, she had to also recognize her inner child too in order to best tend to him.

She transformed her lyrics and instrumentals from, ‘Guardian,’ to incorporate a visual aspect that brings even more prosperity to the record. The video consists of a daughter, mother, and father walking around in Berlin. The parents are arguing as the camera focuses in on the daughter, looking helpless, lost, and confused. At the ending of the video, the mother and daughter are reunited, signaling the justice from a guardian above. The video depicts other characters, but begins and concludes with the daughter.

Now that Morissette is a happy and calmer mother, who is also coincidentally still married (…take notes, Hollywood,) her popularity or just general sales have unfortunately dropped. In fact, Morissette is seemingly glowing in her video as well as interviews when she was promoting her album, ‘Havoc and Bright Lights.’ Regardless, she has come a long way from the pounding ‘You Outta Know,’ to a record such as ‘Guardian.’

But rampant success or none at all on the Billboard charts, I have a strong attachment to any artist, particularly female, who has something to say on the radio that amps them up after enduring a painful moment or two. Especially one who sings,

“I’ll be your angel on call, I’ll be on demand/ The greatest honor of all, as your guardian”

Beautifully done, Ms. Morissette.


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