Catey Shaw is the Definition of Cool

Woah. Hi Catey Shaw.

I could not help but to literally witness those words spill out of my mouth after first blaring this track around downtown. I was in a funky mood that day, but she instantly lifted me up with her oh-so-stellar ukelele skills and hopeful lyrics. As a twenty-one year old surviving in New York City as a new artist, she already seems to have her eyes on the prize; authenticity. And that’s exactly why I hit the replay button after first wrapping my mind around this track. Who else plays an ukelele like Shaw? She is among the few to stay true to her roots as a musician and songwriter.

She used to sing in the clubs that her grandfather would take her to as a little girl, and after the prompting of the other club-goers, would rise up onto a table and sing. She is a multi-talented artist, studying at the School of Visual Arts as a painter.

If you live in the area, look for her in the subways because she still plays there for extra money. Perhaps, if you hand over a few bucks, she will be able to make her rent on time and won’t have to ‘run, run, run’ from her landlord.


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